“My Husband’s Family Is Against Us”: Blind Nigerian Lady Who Married Rich Lawyer Shares Story in Viral Video

The love story of a Nigerian lawyer who tied the knot with a blind woman identified as Amarachi has melted hearts online.

The young lawyer identified as ThankGod said he refused to listen to critics who condemned his relationship.

According to him, although he always had experiences with his exes because they all came for his ‘money’, he has however found his safe place in Amarachi.

Speaking on what sparked his love for the blind woman, ThankGod revealed that she has a good heart and fears God.

On her part, Amarachi lamented that some of her husband’s people have refused to accept their marriage.

She revealed how they always criticize her husband for getting married to a woman who can’t see.

However, against all odds, Amarachi said she knows her husband is good-looking and she will always love him no matter what.