Mum Scolds Her Baby Twins in Video for Watching Cartoon Early in the Morning (VIDEO)

A video of a Nigerian mum funnily scolding her baby twin boys for watching cartoon early in the morning has stirred hilarious reactions.

The mum, in the clip shared on TikTok, accosted the kids and waved a turning stick in their faces as she faked being furious about their action.

While one of the kids tried to refocus on the TV, she snapped him out of it, urging them to pick up a broom lying on the floor and join in the chores.

She urged them to take a cue from their older sibling who was doing house chores at a corner in the apartment.

The kids looked like she wasn’t making sense to them.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

user5850099525165 said:

“Madam leave dem alone ooooo na dem be the original land lords oooooo.”

Walter C C said:

“Leave my boys alone. I like these boys. The only answer they gave was eeeh.”
Michael Douglas said:

“The boys are so confused, “We only want to watch tv, what’s up with mom?”

Rubyomah said:

“He was like mummy take your remote , switch off the tv already let me rest.”