Mr. Jollof Reply Hushpuppi After Calling Him “Idiot” (Photos)

mr.jollof_ @hushpuppi Yes the day you gave me 100k I really appreciated the funds you gave me | shine my teeth like goat sef, it went a long way for me but the day you claimed you spent 11million in the club l find it disturbing to humanity because you should have done something useful with that funds deSpite the fact you are worth more than 11million naira 10 times richer. I only tried to show you what someone like you that people look up to can appreciate. For the records when everyone was attacking you I never said anything about hushpuppi because you have done something good for me in the past. Today you call me IDIOT expecting me to throw shades at you but brother I will never insult you rather I will say you misunderstood me right from the day I tried correcting you. A wise man learn from people. If I see you any day I will hug you as my brother but if you choose to ignore me no wahala atleast make I behave 
like someone when don clock 30years.