Moment actress, Tina Mba chided her grandson for not greeting on the set of a movie (video)

A video serving rounds online has captured the moment Nollywood actress, Tina Mba scolded her grandson for not greeting her colleagues when he arrived a movie set.

It’s assumed that the little boy came to visit his grandma on the set of a movie, but on entering he didn’t greet her or the other people in the room.

This triggered the disciplinarian side of the actress as she immediately chided him and insisted that he greets her and the ‘other uncles’ in the room.

“Who you wan take am resemble, if I catch you next time you come to a place and don’t greet people say good afternoon sir good afternoon ma, I’ll beat you from Lagos… Oya say good afternoon to all the uncles”. She told him.

The little boy then did as his grandma had instructed, after, she hugged him and said, “Now you’re my grandson”.

Watch videos below.

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An Instagram user @mrendowed747 wrote, “I love eeeet woke generation wii say it’s against his human rights now🌚🌚🌚”.

@rosechris__ “Grandma they will come for you oh 😂😂😂. Our woke generation wil soon tell you respect is earned don’t force it 😂😂😂”.

@rachel_duchi4, “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 grandma can train a child thoroughly and still spoil them with enjoyment”.

@redhotsandycakes, “Woke people will say his human right is being violated, Cos it not a must he greet or respect people that are not his parent😏”.