Mohbad’s last show in Ikorodu where ‘juju’ reportedly hit him (Watch)

Mohbad, a songwriter and musician from Nigeria, is said to have died barely hours after a video of his powered performance in Ikorodu went viral online.

Unconfirmed tales claim that Mohbad may have been harmed by supernatural powers, specifically “juju,” while doing a concert in Ikorodu, Lagos State, but the details of his tragic death remain a mystery.

A statement that was going around on social media sites increased the rumors.

“The person that called me said they hit him with juju at a show in Ikorodu. OMG,” the message reads.

An online video of Mohbad’s last performance surfaced not long after the unsettling assertions started to circulate.

The young performer can be seen in the video on stage, giving a dynamic and captivating performance to an enthusiastic audience in Ikorodu.

Unaware of the tragedy that would eventually cast a shadow over the event, the crowd danced to his music.

It is important to stress that Mohbad’s exact cause of death has not yet been officially determined.

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