Meet 7 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have Celebrity Mothers

Are you surprised?

Nollywood is growing. Since the 90s, Nollywood has been on a steady rise in terms of talent and production quality. Of course as the time goes by, so do the stars. Older stars pave the way for newer stars and in the flux of this transition, a lot of times, the newer stars find select older stars who become their Nollywood parents/mentor.

Today, I’ll be looking at 7 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have Celebrity Mothers. 7 celebrities who have found “Celebrity Mothers” for themselves. Women who they look up to in the industry for advice and guidance. Yes, these women are not their biological parents, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t imparted and continue to impart wisdom to these newer actors.

Are you ready to jump in and see who we have on today’s list? Then let’s go!

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1. Ngozi Nwosu and Sharon Ooja

Appearing on a TV show together creates bonds that are very difficult to break. This is very much the case for actresses Ngozi Nwosu and Sharon Ooja. The two women are really close and have said on numerous interviews that they take each other as mother and daughter respectively.


As recently as Sharon’s birthday, Ngozi took to Instagram to write a lengthy post for her saying:

Beautiful, Bubbly, Enchanting… Happy birthday Pocahontas, pretty princess Fiona, the beauty, lil mermaid, Cinderella girl, my shally baby ooo @sharonooja you are full of life, an essential busy body 😂, babygirl for life, cheerful, chirpy with a burst of happy, you radiate glee all over, my covid 19 free baby..😂😂😂 May the Lord grant your heart desires and bless you in abundance; may your light shine that men shall see you and glorify your Father which art in heaven Amen. Have a birthday to remember (although it’s definitely gonna be an unforgettable one 😂😂)

We love to see it!

2. Patience Ozokwor and Mike Ezuronye

Mike Ezuronye and Patience Ozokwor have acted in a number of movies together but off-screen, these two actors are like mother and son. In fact, when Patience Ozokwor’s daughter got married in 2010, Mike was one of the only celebrities pictured at the very intimate occasion.

He has since gone on to talk about how he values the advice that Patience gives and how she’s someone who always prays for him and looks out for him.

3. Joke Silva and Kate Henshaw

Joke Silva has been in the game for a long time so naturally, she’ll have a lot of people who she’s mentored over the years. Still that being said, she always cites Kate Henshaw as one of hers. Kate she has said many times is like a daughter to her. The two at the beginning of this year were in a play together called Ada The Country, and during the press-run for that, when asked about their working relationship, the two women not only gushed about each other but expressed how the love extends even off-screen.

In fact just three days ago, Joke Silva took to her Instagram to write a birthday letter to Kate saying:

My Kate @k8henshaw Happy Birthday. We started the year so hopeful with the magic that was Ada The Country. You are a very giving actor …my brook no nonsense jangurova😘Do have as wonderful a day as possible.Thank you for always being just a phonecall away.Here is wishing you a great year ahead.💋


4. Liz Benson and Mercy Johnson-Okojie.

There is a whole 20 minute video evidence of this relationship you can watch below.

On an episode of Mercy Johnson’s Youtube show, Mercy’s Menu, she had on Liz Benson as a guest and when I tell you that Mercy has never been more nervous or more shaken as she was with Liz Benson. She was a daughter in the kitchen with her mother. Trying to make sure she got everything right, asking questions about life and relationships, and just…everything about their interaction was so lovely.

5. Sola Sobowale and Adesua Etomi

At the time of this writing, Sola Sobowale has played Adesua’s mother in not one, not two, but three whole movies. Of course, working with someone especially in a mother and daughter relationship for this long, a real maternal love starts to grow. This is the case for Sola and Adesua.

The two women love each other a lot and have posted and talked about their admiration of one another countless times. A recent example was Sola’s birthday when Adesua took to Instagram to write:

My mamaaaaa @solasobowale

Happy Birthdayyyy.

May the Lord grant you many more years.

May your light never be dimmed.

May the world see you and glorify the Lord.

The Eniola Salami to my kemi Salami.

The Tintin to my Dunni.

Love you tons ❤❤❤

If this isn’t beautiful, I don’t know what is.

6. Shaffy Bello and Funke Akindele

Shaffy Bello and Funke Akindele worked on a movie together called “Your Excellency”. During the shooting of that movie, this pair grew a lot closer and Funke has talked about how they both had a lot of fun on the set. According to her, Shaffy is like a big aunty to her so playing that role was really a lot of fun for them.

It was certainly a lot of fun to watch as well!

7. Ireti Doyle and Beverly Naya

Ireti Doyle and Beverly Naya are two women who have also worked on a number of projects together. The two’s relationship goes way back to a time that even we don’t know. All the way back in 2015, Ireti was already tooting Beverly’s horn celebrating her all over social media.

When this year, Beverly Naya’s Skin Documentary won the AMVCA word for Best Documentary, it was Ireti who presented the award and when she saw Beverly’s name on the card, she practically jumped. After the ceremony, she once again took to social media to celebrate Beverly Naya’s win not just as Beverly’s but also as hers writing:

We won!!!!

(Yes “we”😋)

AMVCA2020 Winner

Best Documentary

#SkinTheDocumentary 💃💃💃💃👸😎

Awww. We love to see it.