Man who “correctly predicted” Queen’s death makes disturbing prediction about King Charles III

A Twitter user went viral on the platform after he ‘correctly predicted’ the date of Queen Elizabeth II’s death, however, tweeps are disturbed because of the warning he gave about King Charles III.

The user, Logan Smith, who posts on Twitter as @logan_smith526, initially made a tweet back in July that the Queen would die on September 8, 2022. His tweet however get any attention until the Queen died last Thursday, September 8.

The tweet is now serving rounds on social media as people are concerned that Logan’s prediction for King Charles III will come true as well.

The man claims the new monarch will die on March 28, 2026. Following the virality of his tweet, Logan has made his Twitter account private however, screenshots of the post have been shared all over social media platforms, including TikTok.

A TikTok user, identified as Hailey, shared the tweet and wrote in the caption: “RIP to logan I know the British are coming for him.”

Another TikTok user said: “Hope not for King Charles.”