[Lyrics] Rapsaint Lyriczy – Truth (Free Mp3, Lyrics)

Rapsaint Lyriczy Truth Lyrics

Rapsaint Lyriczy on the mic;

Asuu still they the strike…

Well, I’m not sowored; I’m not even Atikulated We’ve been so buharied, let him not be reelected


Death of democracy; Abacha is back is back to life. Dey no dey show mercy; they’re cutting with a knife.


They said we are leaders of tomorrow, what a cliché. Dey no give job, all dey give is sorrow, what a big shame.


Everything don dabaru Yet the old still rule.

They no care ’bout me’n’you, we don’t have to keep cool.


Now, election don dey near, any hope for the youth?

We are tired of dia lies, all dey ever do is loot. If we want things to change we have to tell dem the truth. Our leaders no try, criminals wearing suit.


Armies carrying gun, yet dem no fit end boko haram

But if dey hear dis jam Dem go even like bring am down.

No be say I no fit sing shaku shaku make I use am thrill my fans.

But let’s talk about this country now, I go give una hit in advance.

Shey dem like ‘python’ dat na why dem follow am dance.

E swallow 36 million, dem no even call the sars          .

But even while we dey still hustle; dey still call us lazy youths

But person call am lifeless yet dem wan make we keep mute.

Me I don confuse o, why there brain dey do omission?

Make u check d news o, abi dey don transmission?

This is Nigeria, falz don talk am, If no be say he sabi d law, they 4 don lock am


Grab your pvc Everybody can’t you see Your vote is your power Let’s let’s it let’s build a tower Of success for our children Vote with pride oh brethren

Naija go better only if our votes dey count Naija go better if dey no use money block your mouth Naija go better only if our votes dey count o