Lil Snazzy – Ekele

Lil Snazzy is an IMO state born rapper that has the vision of becoming a great artist in the world.

He was given full recognition after the released of DREAM CHASER which gave him full assurance and blowned his mind in the industry
Now Lil snazzy has come up again with another hot Jam Titled EKELE…..

In this song he made his rhymes Neat and Understandable
He also cameup with a wonderful hook saying “Praises Praises to Oluwa for blessing our balling”
In this song he made a little flow about his story, his punchlines are clearly seen.
In this song he made a little flow of things he would not like them to happen in the future & the opposite
This song is well recognized.
CONNECT WITH HIM ON Twitter @IG.iam Lil snazzy
Facebook @itz Michael Snazz
Whatsapp: @08065381043
Instagram: @iam_Lil_snazzy
Youtube @Lil snazzy vevo

Download Now: Lil Snazzy – Ekele .mp3