Lahmoreek Biography : Know More About Lahmoreek

Wants to know more about Lahmoreek aka Daddy Boy, Read the below article carefully.

Ugwuanyi Emmanuel Ejiofor musically known as Emmy Jay who has decided to change his name to Lahmoreek a.k.a Mayani boy for some certain issues.

He started his music career in the year 2016 and before his music career he was a Comedian and Nolly wood actor in Bright movie industry Emmy Jay who is now known as LAHMOREEK met some problems and challenges after the death of his father for some months ago he made his first song in the year 2016 titled Remember me.

In 2018 He jumped in with a mad jam titled DANCE and WHY featuring Dollar boy and Icon wizy in 2019 he also flowed in with some hot jam titled Koki and No joy which he featured 12 artist and in this 2020.

He now scattered the city with a crazy song which was possible that a North America feature him which was titled Crooked Lahmoreek also have an upcoming song with video for more about his new music stage name

Lahmoreek is mostly good in Afro Pop and R&B style and at this time he want to make his new stage name More easily recognize for next brave action and want his fans to never have heart shake for he is coming with fire this time.