Lady who sexually assaulted Ruger defends herself, says ”I only hold something, I didn’t kill him” (Video)

A female fan who groped singer, Ruger inappropriately while he was performing on stage has taken to social media to defend her actions.

In a video making the rounds online, she stated that she did not wrong and she does not see the need to apologise.

According to the lady, all she meant to do was to hold onto him but her hand mistakenly went to where it shouldn’t have.

She further stated if Ruger is angry about what happened then he is not a good artiste.

In her words; “I’m not saying I’m not sorry for what I did but I don’t like the fact that everybody will just be cursing at me.

I just hold something, I did not kill him. And if he’s angry that I hold his thing, he’s not a good artist. Why will he be angry that I hold his thing?

I did not even mean to hold his thing. I just wanted to embrace him but my hand just touched there. It was just a mistake probably. Nobody should curse me. Don’t curse me because if you’re in my shoes you will do the same thing. I saw something I said let me hold it, is it a bad thing? It was a mistake”.

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