Lady Who Graduated from Uni Meets Mum Who Fries Akara At Shop, She Signs on Her Shirt With Neat Handwriting (Video)

TikTok users a loosing it over a video of a lady who visited her mum’s shop after graduating from university.

In the touching video posted on Saturday, November 15 by Damilola Ayankunbi, the woman received her graduate daughter with ample joy.

To celebrate with her daughter, she collected a blue marker and signed her name, Iya Alakara on her white shirt.

The neatness of her handwriting has caught the attention of TikTokers who wondered what her level of education is.

Iya Alakara sells Akara on the roadside and she was busy attending to her business when her daughter came.

She quickly abandoned the fry pan and attended to her with much joy and celebration.

The video is so touching that it has gone viral on TikTok and some people say it moved them to tears.

Watch the video below:

@damilolaayankunbi My mum 🥰 my biggest flex 🥰🙏🎉#makemevirial ♬ Mama Mini – Olatop Ekula