Lady breaks into tears after husband used her ATM card to take himself out (Video)

A Nigerian lady has broken into tears after her husband used her Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card to take himself out.

In a video shared by her husband, he revealed that he treated himself to some nice edibles at his wife’s expense.

The young man disclosed that he got hold of her ATM card and being that he apparently knows her PIN, he decided to take himself out.

In the short clip, the lady used a voiceover while crying bitterly after he spent money from her account.

He could be seen licking ice cream and eating popcorn which he bought with her card, but while she was crying, he smiled and looked at her with some pettiness in his eyes.

The husband accompanied video, ”POV: When I use my wife’s ATM to take myself out”.

Watch the video below: