“It’s just for friendship” – Shippers clarify as they gift WhiteMoney and Queen loads of gifts (Video)

The reality stars were close friends in the house and at some point left their fans guessing that there’s a chemistry between them.

Although Whitemoney has repeatedly declared that he is not in anyway romantically attracted to his close ally in the house, Queen this did not stop their fans from shipping them.

On Thursday evening, October 14th fans of the reality stars, the “whitequeenshippers” surprised them with loads of gifts, which included Cash, a framed photo of the duo together, shoes, chocolates, jewelries, amongst several other goodies.

However, during the gift presentation the shippers noted that they weren’t trying to force a relationship between them but appreciating their friendship.

“Just for friendship, Na just friendship…we no talk anything, that’s it… just friendship”. A background voice believed to be one of the fans is heard saying.


Watch video below,