“It Looks Like Sacrifice” – Comedian Real Warri Pikin reacts food, served to her by a Ghanaian friend Yvonne Okoro (Video)

A hilarious Nigerian comedian, who goes by the name Anita Asuoha touched down in Ghana for a comedy show she was hosting in the country.

During her visit, Anita linked up with veteran Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro and had lunch together.

The lunch session was filled with laughter and humour as Anita cracked rib-cracking jokes that made Yvonne and some friends present smile.

The lunch was at the Afri Royal Hotel in East Legon, owned by Yvonne’s father. During the lunch date, Anita was served the local Ghanaian dish, Waakye, and she exclaimed at how rich the food looked and said it looked like a sacrifice for the gods.

According to Anita, the waakye was too clustered with different food items. Her comments had Yvonne laughing hard.

The video of the hilarious moment went viral on social media and stirred mixed reactions amongst Ghanaians.

Watch the video below;