INTERVIEW : Cutenaija Exclusive Interview With Swazzi

Cutenaija present to you the cutenaija exclusive interview with Thugluvin Records talented artist known as Swazzi (@officialswazzi) the #Elele #Skolo crooner

CUTENAIJA >>> Please can you tell us your real name and your stage name?

SWAZZI My name is Okolo Miracle Obiechina a.k.a Swazzi, Am from Ibagwa Nike in Enugu East L.G.A. Enugu State

CUTENAIJA >>>Why did you choose singing as part of your career?

SWAZZI I choose singing because Music is one thing i can’t do without. Music is the only thing that makes me Happy

CUTENAIJA >>>Wow that’s great!! How did you start out in music?

SWAZZI Like u already know most of us started from the church, i started at the age of 10 as a member of the choir but my Dad was not in support of me doing music, u know African parents with the habit of always imposing one profession or the other on their children but my Mum gave me her full support. Hehehe i can remember one day i was in the sitting room singing but immediately i saw my Dad i went in side my room and started reading hehehehe it’s funny but i thank God for my Mum who later convinced my Dad and he gave me his full support. Today he is proud of me and trust me he is the best Dad in the World

CUTENAIJA >>>Are you currently signed to any record label?

SWAZZI Yea am Signed on to Richthug’ s Thugluvin Records

CUTENAIJA >>>How has it been with Thugluvin Records?

SWAZZI Wow! It have been amazing. Thugluvin is the best record label any artiste can think of getting signed to! I have released two official single under the label titled Elele & Skolo both produced by Dj Coublon, Elele video was directed by Paul Gambit and the song lasted two weeks on play data charts Nigeria as the most played song in Nigeria as of wen it was released, Skolo’ s video was directed by Director Q, the song and the video is more of African, promoting languages and culture is one of my priority and am overwhelmed with the response i have been getting since i released it, Skolo have over 500 000 views on YouTube now and is currently topping charts in Nigeria and East Africa. So you see, Thugluvin is really the best

CUTENAIJA >>>What are you working on right now?

SWAZZI Well right now am currently working on lots of songs, my brand and collaborations, i will be releasing new songs soon and trust me my Swazzilians are gonna like it and i pray it still wins the heart of more Swazzilians

CUTENAIJA >>>Nice Three years from now, where do you see yourself?

SWAZZI Three years from now i see my self taking over African Music, i see myself touring the world with my band and giving people the real feel of African Music and i also see myself owing my own clothing line.

CUTENAIJA >>>As a talented singer you are, what’s your advice to up coming Nigerian artists?

SWAZZI My advice to upcoming artiste is to never give up on your dreams no matter what and never give up, it doesn’t really matter where you come from or your background, what matters is your determination to make it in life. So always stay focused and never forget to pray everyday cos prayer is the key to success

CUTENAIJA >>>Are you in a romantic relationship? And do you have a crush on someone in the industry ?

SWAZZI Lol!! Yea am in a relationship, am dating a girl called Music but am crushing on Omotola’ s second daughter

CUTENAIJA >>>What kind of person is Richthug as a Boss?

SWAZZI Richthug is a generous Man, he is good and not the bossy type. God have really blessed him but he don’t brag with what he have.

CUTENAIJA >>>Nice Thanks for your time @officialswazzi the #Skolo and #Elele crooner

SWAZZI It’s a pleasure! Thanks and God bless!!