“I’m Willing To Cut My Fee Just To Work With Olu Jacobs” – Yul Edochie

Working with people we admire and cherish makes life more enjoyable. They tend to bring out our finest qualities rather than our flaws, and they provide us with the joy that our hearts want.

It’s important to cherish and appreciate those who have shown you love and concern at some point in the past. Why am I making this statement?

Yul Edochie is a well-known Nigerian actor who has made a name for himself in the industry. He has proven to the world that he is the biological son of legendary actor Pete Edochie, who is well known for his on-set English aphorisms.

Pete Edochie’s family has six children, and Yul is the youngest of them. He has been in a number of films and has performed admirably in each of them.

Yul Edochie has already followed in his father’s footsteps, acting well and being able to perform a variety of parts with ease. Yul Edochie posted on his instagram page a while ago to say,

There’s this veteran actor that, if I am ever told to perform with him, I will do everything in my power to make it happen.”

He went on to say that he would do it even if it meant lowering his fee just to see it happen. He considers it a privilege to work with this actor. It’s unfathomable. He went on to say that the performer in question had a hand in shaping who he is now.

Olu Jacobs is the actor in question. He is a fantastic actor who has mentored and paved the way for many aspiring actors and actresses to become well-known today.

The Nollywood industry will always be grateful to him. For more than four decades, he has adorned our television screens.

Olu Jacobs is now a role model for younger performers like Yul Edochie and other future actors. This is fantastic. His impact on the industry will be remembered for a long time.