“If she wasn’t doubting your love, she wouldn’t have asked” – Nigerians react after Peter Okoye revealed his daughter questioned his love for her mom, Lola Omotayo

Nigerian entertainer, Peter Okoye recently took to his Twitter page to reveal the conversation he had with his little daughter, Aliona recently.

But what was meant to be a cute revelation seems to have turned out to be the opposite as a number of people chose to bring out the somewhat negative side to his statement.

The singer had on his Twitter page, revealed that his daughter called him to ask whether he loves her mother, his wife, Lola Omotayo and that with a smile on his face, he responded that he does.

He wrote: My daughter called me on a video call here in Las Vega and asked me ‘Papa do you love mama? Y’all need to see the smile on her face when I said yes of course!

Well, rather than see it as cute, a number of people gave remarks suggesting that if there were no trust issues, his daughter wouldn’t have asked him the question.

Other comments were along the line of the little girl’s mother putting her up to it in the wake of his twin brother’s marriage crisis.

One user wrote,

If she wasn’t doubting your love for her mum she wouldn’t have asked!!….children are very sensitive!!!

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