If I Ever Move Away From My Husband’s Side Of The Bed, He Always Draws Me Closer To Cuddle Me – Anita

Anita Joseph Olagunju is an household name in the entertainment industry. This 36-Years-Old never stop showing off how much her husband loves her on social media.

It’s so hard to believe that they are not married to each other. The only time that they do not spend together is when they are working at different places.

Anita Joseph took to her social media account on Instagram to share new video of herself with her husband saying that anytime she move away from her husband’s side of the bed, he always look for her to cuddle.

This is one of their lovely time together and this is not going to be her last time posting such romantic moment.

In other words, why do they have sides in bed when they know that they cannot do without each other. Anita Joseph understand what it takes to get her followers Attention anytime she post such pictures or videos.