”I will never love again” – Young man weeps after catching a guy helping him to ‘Oxlade’ his girlfriend of 4 years (Video)

Nigerian young man has shared a heartbreaking encounter involving his girlfriend that made him conclude to never fall in love again.

He said that he paid his woman of four years a surprise visit on Feb 14, but on getting to her place, he caught her in bed with another guy.

The heartbroken man who cried bitterly in a video, said that he stormed off immediately he saw them, expecting her to call him back or apologise.

Unfortunately for him, she sent him the other guy’s number and asked him to say that nothing is going on between him and her.

He wrote with tears:

I will never love again in my life. You people will not believe what happened to me. My girlfriend that I’ve been dating for four years. I decided to pay her a surprise visit today.

I got to her house and I went inside. To my own surprise, I saw my girlfriend in bed with another guy. I was angry and I just left immediately.”

Watch the video below.


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