“I Want To Employ Someone Who Will Greet And Give People Handshakes On My Behalf” —Singer Timaya

Being a celebrity comes with its challenges, which includes constantly having to greet people everywhere you go. As a celebrity, if you choose not to acknowledge your fans, many of them will reach out to salute you once you’re spotted.

Addressing the loads of greetings delivered daily, Nigerian dancehall musician Timaya had devised a means that might serve as an alternative when executed.

Timaya disclosed he was ready to employ a personal greeter who will greet and give handshakes to people for him. “I want to employ someone that will be in charge of greeting people on my behalf and will also be giving handshakes,” he wrote.

The ‘Sanko’ crooner didn’t have to explain why he wanted to get an employee to do the greeting job before his followers on Twitter deduced he greets many people daily because of his celebrity status.

Timaya’s faithful fans had been submitting their applications through his comment section since he shared the post on Twitter.

A fan, @royal_wohu, replied the musician: “Greeting people is in our lineage, my forefathers did the job, my grandfather did same job, my father also did the job before he died and I wish to do same. Papi chulo I wish you will consider my request so I can make you proud and also make my forefathers proud.”

Another fan shared a picture of his palm, and wrote, “Sir, this is how big my hand is. l can give firm handshakes and I am a nice person. I am 188 meters tall (about 6’2 ft). I am also a huge fan of your music and it will be my pleasure working for you, Thank you sir.”

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