How Salle’s Life Has Revolved Under 4 Months After A Stunt That Posed Her As A Street Hawker

Social media has been a tool that has helped people in Nigeria have a career after a video or photo of them showing their craft and talent goes viral in the space.

One of the people their life changed with the help of social media is Salle.

In this article, I will be sharing with you how the young girl became famous using a stunt on social media, the challenges she faced, how far she has gone, and what the future holds for her.

The Publicity Stunt: In September 2021, Salle became a worldwide trend in the whole of Nigeria social media platforms especially on Instagram and Facebook after she and her team pulled a huge publicity stunt.

Salle and her team put out a video online where she was dressed like a hawker and made a video showcasing her voice and ability to sing to music beats without writing the lyrics.

After the video was shared online, people tagged her a hawker because of the dressing and she became a viral trend in Nigeria.

The Rapid Fame: Few weeks after Salle trended on social media platforms over her video, she instantly became famous on Instagram.

She was posted by stars like Tunde Ednut and her followers have now rapidly increased to 343 thousand in just a few months.

The Stormy Challenge: Salle’s fame didn’t come without a challenge as some people dug down to find out if she was truly a hawker like she has been tagged by people and making her video go viral.

Weeks later, people found out that she wasn’t a street hawker and the young talented singer faced a lot of criticism online as people called her a liar and pretender. However, she came out to explain the facts about it.

Explaining the facts, Salle revealed that she never said she was a hawker in the publicity stunt. According to her, it was a tray she uses to share food with her mom.

Her explanation was true as well because it was people that made it viral that tagged her a hawker because of the tray she was holding and the wrapper around her neck.

Donjazzy Levels: Meeting with popular Nigerian singer and producer, Donjazzy is one of the biggest dreams of every upcoming Nigerian singer.

Donjazzy is known for turning people into stars and trending their music with just a single post on his social media pages.

Following Salle’s fame, she has been able to meet up with Donjazzy and it was a great moment for her and her future in the music industry.

The Future: Since the young girl became famous, many people have been expecting a lot from her but she hasn’t been able to deliver an official song that is well produced in her name.

However, her future looks promising as she has revealed she is working on a project that she will put out soon.