Housemaid Goes Wild with Joy after Getting her Own Visa, Rides Her Oyinbo Madam Like a Horse, Video Goes Viral (Watch)

Netizens have gushed over a video of a housemaid and her white madam celebrating a good news in an unusual manner.

In the lovely clip shared by the madam on TikTok, it was captioned that the housemaid had just learnt that she got her own visa.

Excitedly, the housemaid danced from a part in the apartment to the kitchen where her madam was.

She immediately ‘disarmed’ her boss of the glass of water she held and made her go on all fours.

The housemaid then did as if she was riding on her boss’ back like a horse as she celebrated with a packer in hand.

Netizens felt the maid and her boss must have a lovely relationship for such a stunt to be pulled off.

Watch the video below:

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