“He Get Energy”: Little Boy Dances to Beyonce’s Song, Video Goes Viral (WATCH)

A little boy has become a viral sensation due to his hilarious and energetic dance moves during a performance.

The little boy showed off his hip-shaking moves at home while vibing to Beyonce’s ‘run the world’ song.

In a funny video, the boy asked Alexa (the voice-controlled Amazon assistant that turns words into actions) to play Beyonce’s song.

At first he didn’t get the pronunciation right as different songs began to play. Fortunately, after some failed attempts, he finally got the right pronunciation.

A video shared by @boopsalot on TikTok shows the excited boy smiling before proceeding to the dance floor.

Watch the video below…

Social media users applaud little dancer

@tadamsdesigns said: “I like how he immediately got busy as soon as she got it right .”

@theyllove48db stated: “The way he whispered to himself and said Ik I’m not tripping Ik I’m right .”

@0_missamber_0 commented: “Alexa YOU ARE FIRED. I knew what he wanted the first time he asked .”

@naomijanenelson wrote: “He has no business going that hard. This kid is definitely the life of parties .”

@leprettymess reacted:

“I love how he’s getting so annoyed when she doesn’t play the right song and go hard when it’s the good one. Beautiful soul ♥️.”

@dani_4206 said:


@yellowdom reacted:

“He’ll be the center of attention at all the parties when he’s older .”