Get a guy to impregnate you and stop calling those pets your kids – Man lashes out at DJ cuppy, she reacts

Twitter user identified by his handle as @UrboyItua has advised the billionaire daughter and Disc Jockey, Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola better known as Cuppy to get a man who will impregnate her, so she can have a child and stop referring to her pets as kids.

It is widely known that Cuppy who has developed a strong attachment with her dogs often describe them as her sons which clearly doesn’t sit well with this netizen.

Advising the award-wining DJ, the lad wrote:


why don’t you just find a guy that’ll impregnate you then calling those pets your kids???…being a single mom isn’t a bad thing.

Reacting to this, she shared some emojis that expressed her feelings.

See the exchange below: