“First Woman to Do It” – Nigerian Lady Buys iPhone 14 Pro Max Worth Over N1m, Screams in Video

A Nigerian lady has got many people talking online as she shared a funny video of the iPhone 14 Pro Max she bought for herself.

In the clip she made into a vlog, she revealed how she went to the store to get one for herself. One of the mall workers asked her to unbox the phone, and the lady was excited.

The Nigerian lady said even though the purchase ate deep into her account, she is very happy about the new phone. She had to ask the mall to reserve the phone for her as it was the only copy available.

Double tapping the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the phone woke up with a “hello” written on the screen.

Watch her video below:

@giftuti #CapCut really excited about this purchase 🥺 #fy #iphone14promax #lagostiktok #hungary #debrecen #student #iphonetok ♬ original sound – Gift Uti