Excited Nigerian Mum in Wrapper Jumps on Buga Challenge, People Praise Her Swag, Video Goes Viral

In a viral video, a Nigerian mum can be seen leaping enthusiastically into the Buga dance challenge and killing it with swag.

With so many dance skills under her sleeves, the mother in a lovely wrapper dropped down low to illustrate how Buga is done. Her incredible performance has gone viral, with thousands of young people flocking to view it.

No one seems to want to be left out of the trendy Buga dance challenge, as the latest participant is a Nigerian mother who executed it gracefully.

With grace and brilliant foot motions, the mother ascended the dance floor like a stallion and rode with her legs like a queen.

Kizz Daniel’s.Buga Daniel discovers his voice. When she was on wrapper, the popular Kizz Daniel song attracted her interest, and she chose not to edit it but to give it her all.

Watch the video Below…