“Even Dogs Too Don join Challenge” – Oyinbo Man Shares Video of His Dog Doing the Buga Dance with Him, Causes Huge Stir on the Net (Watch)

Even domestic animals were not left out and couldn’t escape the Buga virus released by Kizz Daniel and Tekno that has now spread around the world.

This is as a video of a cute dog and its Oyinbo owner doing the Buga dance challenge was shared on social media platform TikTok.

Facing each other in a seated position, the dog and its owner moved their body in rhythm with the song’s tune.

In what came as a surprise to many persons, the dog sat up, moved its legs and nodded its head to the song unaided.

It appeared to copy the dance moves of its thrilled owner. Netizens gushed over how the duo combined, particularly about the dog’s performance.

Watch the video below:

See how Netizens reacted after the video was published online.

cyndiwhite955 said: “Wish I could train my birds to dance like you do with your darling dog!!!”

Christy Butler said: “I didn’t know that a dog could feel the vibes of this song.”

countryl48 said: “Hey I can’t stop watching it your dog is so cool and he got it down pat better than you are doing.”