DJ Cuppy responds to Nigerians who feel her life is different because of her privileges

DJ Cuppy has finally replied some Nigerians who feel her life is different and she’s above the law because of her privileges.

The singer, who is currently studying in the UK, had taken to Twitter to cry out over the fact that she can’t return to Nigeria for the Christmas holiday after the UK placed Nigeria on the red list.

However, Nigerians trivialized her concerns, insinuating that the rules do not apply to her because of her father’s influence.

One twitter user wrote; “I really need Cuppy to stop trying to “relate” to us”

Cuppy then replied; “Okay. Let me fix this: Hello, my name is Cuppy…and because of certain privileges and resources I have- I do not feel any emotions. I am never sad or disappointed due to the fact that my life is always perfect. YAY! Better?”