Disturbing videos of female and male Islamic students being flogged ruthlessly by their teachers goes viral (VIDEO)

A rather disturbing video of an Islamic female student being ruthlessly whipped by a group of men has gone viral on social media with people having a lot to say about it.

In one of the videos, a young lady is seen kneeling in the midst of a group of men who simultaneously flogged her for allegedly going to a party and drinking alcohol.

The young lad who was also brutally whipped by the same group of men, is said to have gone to the party as well and indulged in alcohol consumption.

The incident is said to have occurred in the capital of Kwara state, Ilorin… with some netizens affirming that such occurrence of whipping Muslim school students when they supposedly err, is commonplace in the state.

While a bunch of people are still puzzled as to why such punishment will be served for the alleged, some are seeking justice and hoping the said men would be located and apprehended for their ruthless behaviour.

A Twitter user who shared the videos on his page revealed that actually, the students didn’t drink alcohol but just a bottle of yoghurt, but because bottles of alcohol were placed before them in a photo that their “Alfa” saw, they felt they consumed the beverage.

The Twitter user also gave reason for the manner of their punishment but said it was however, taken extremely.. He wrote,

With regard to the punishment of the drinker in this world, the punishment is flogging, according to the consensus of the fuqaha. But there is some difference of opinion as to the number of lashes, 80/40.

Watch the videos as you scroll.

Aftermath of the beating:

One of the boys narrating why they were beaten: