“DaBaby no get money” – Man says as he buys popcorn from Lagos hawker for $1,000 (Video)

Nigerian young man has been captured on tape outdoing American rapper, DaBaby who bought popcorn from a hawker for $100 when he visited Lagos, Nigeria.

The man decided to also buy popcorn from a hawker in Lagos traffic but chose to raise the amount to $1,000. He mocked the musician, by saying he does not have money.

In a video posted on social media, he took just one popcorn as opposed to Dababy who collected some packs.

He mentioned how the artiste had done something similar and handed some dollar bills that were neatly folded to the hawker.

The young man said he is buying the snack for 1000 dollars because he wants to throw it as a challenge to Dababy. The popcorn seller looked confused as the man and his friend who was driving told him to count the money.

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