Cutenaija Exclusive Interview With RAP GODD

Here comes the exclusive interview with Thugluvin records talented rapper known as @officialrapGodd, check out below

CUTENAIJA >>>May we know you??

RAP GODD My names r okechukwu williams ifeso

CUTENAIJA >>> Can you tell us about yourself??

RAP GODD I’m a Nigerian from anambra state oba to be precise Stage name Rapgodd signed under thugluvinrecords

CUTENAIJA >>>How did you start out in music?

RAP GODD I started from way back in secondary school ,had love for rap music n during breaks me and my dawgs would sit around trying to make out something ,and before I knew it I discovered it’s a talent I needed to pick up and work on Through the help of one of my friend name Awardman I was able to get to a studio somewhere in ikotun Lagos Nigeria , and then I made my first recording with a producer called DXL in 2009 Hence I started hustling on a low alone for my carrier cos I never had a sponsor then plus I rose from a poor home and I was raised by a poor widow You should know it is when you out in the streets hustling on your own with no supports from families n all ,so it was never easy But to God be the glory , towards September 2015 I put out a record gave it out on street to my friends n still looking for ways to promote it, but then came thugluvinrecords to my rescue ,the CEO my John Akeem Orubor asked some one to get tru to me and then blaow after couple of discussions n all here I am today Successfully building on a brand Rapgodd and determined to be heard ,Thank you

CUTENAIJA >>>How has it been with Thugluvin Records?

RAP GODD It’s been awesome Working together with all of the teams Focused cos we all have big dreams

CUTENAIJA >>>What are you working on right now?

RAP GODD Some new jobs already on ground, haven’t been made public tho but I’ll be compiling an EP asap And some heavy Colabs as well

CUTENAIJA >>>Intresting, Three years from now, where do you see yourself?

RAP GODD Stardom , cos the boy sure go don blow ,with all the hard work,God n the strategies we deal with ,3years from now I’m done a mega superstar

CUTENAIJA >>>As a talented rapper you are, what’s your advice to up coming Nigerian artists?

RAP GODD Y’all never give up on the hustle ,steady grind,believe in your self and never give up.So long as you have the dream you don’t need to be Joseph for your dream to come true ,bless

CUTENAIJA >>> What would constitute success for you as a musician?

RAP GODD Aiming towards scoring that goal simple

CUTENAIJA >>>Are you in a romantic relationship? And do you have a crush on someone in the industry ?

RAP GODDI just had a heart break from someone I loved so dearly she broke up with me ,reasons I can’t explain ,Then in the industry I love all our ladies so much ,but my crush now is not an artist or an entertainer her names oghene karo, popularly know as kirachaana on IG

CUTENAIJA >>>What kind of person is Richthug as a Boss?

RAP GODDTo me Richthug is the nicest boss I’ve ever met in my carrier ,He doesn’t behave bossy we literally roll like dawgs n brothers ,he’s a blessing to me an I thank God for his kind

CUTENAIJA >>>Nice Thanks for your time @officialrapGodd the #kupu crooner

RAP GODD God bless you cutenaija, Stay safe and thanks too