Cute Lady without Hands Washes Plates Quickly & Perfectly with Her Upper Limbs in Inspiring Video (Watch)

A lady has demonstrated great ability in her physical challenge in a video that is causing a stir on the net.

The pretty lady recorded herself doing the dishes with her upper limbs because she is without hands.

In the inspiring video she shared on TikTok, the lady first emptied a dirty plate of its remaining food using a fork which she held with her teeth.

She then proceeded to wash all the dirty dishes in her sink. The lady would scrub, rinse, clean and return the plates to the kitchen rack.

The ease and fast pace at which she carried out the activity with her arms would make one wonder if hands actually were that important or just overrated.

Watch the video below:

Netizens hail her

Jessica Wray said:

“Meanwhile my family stop at the sink to drop a dish instead of putting it in the dishwasher… or leaving food alllll in the sink ‍♀️you go girl!”

Janis W642 said:

“You go Gurl!!! show em how it’s suppose to be done that Right way!! The ones with 2 hands that’s lazy u should be ashamed of urselves!”

bridgitkobugabe said:

“You’re a strong woman and never seen that like going never give up you look so beautiful God bless her and God will protect you every time.”

Tina Saunders said:

“You do dishes way better than my lazy 16 yr old lol seriously though YOU ARE AWESOME!!!”