Cute Lady in NYSC Uniform Jumps on Buga Challenge Inside Market, Traders, Smoked Fish Seller Joins in Video (Watch)

A Nigerian lady in NYSC uniform has been seen in a viral video dancing Buga by Kizz Daniel inside a busy market.

The lady did so well in her skillful dance that some traders joined her, jumping on the now very viral Buga dance challenge.

A particular woman who sells smoked fish inside the market shook her body gently, joining the NYSC lady in her dance.

A Nigerian lady took her own Buga dance challenge to the market and she completely nailed it. The lady was dressed in an NYSC uniform and she danced so beautifully to Buga by Kizz Daniel.

The market looked very busy as people went about their trading. Some sold fish and tomatoes beside the dancer but she didn’t mind.

Shortly after she started, a man passed in her front with bunches of plantain on his shoulder but she still did her nice dance undistracted.

As she showed off her sterling skills, some traders in the market picked up the challenge with her and joined in the popular dance.

First, a young man in the market joined her to show off his own amazing Buga skills and another lady threw her shoes into the dancing floors too.

But of particular note was a smoked fish seller who heard the sound of the popular song and decided to join too. She danced while selling her fish to customers.

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