Check out How Chinenye Eucharia Is Walking In Destiny Etiko’s Footsteps

Chinenye Eucharia is a young girl who got adopted months ago by nollywood actress Destiny Etiko.

She got noticed by Destiny Etiko when she cried and expressed her love for the actress on seeing her.

Destiny Etiko who shared the video of the young girl’s profession of love for her a Chinenye, She eventually found Chinenye and adopted her.

Ever since her adoption by the actress, Chinenye has done some things that show that she is now walking in Destiny Etiko’s footsteps.

Due to her talent in acting, her desire to be like her “Nollywood mum” and her ability to interpret roles perfectly, Chinenye has now been introduced into the movie industry by Destiny Etiko.

Destiny has shared videos of Chinenye passionately rehearsing on a movie set.

Destiny Etiko started acting at a young age and her adopted daughter Chinenye, is now on the same path and about to make her movie debut.