Car gift a lady received from her husband goes up in flames minutes after it was flaunted online (video)

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to thank God for life after his wife’s new car went up in flames while they were inside.

The man identified as Muhammed Cluster on Facebook had initially taken to the platform to show off the whip he bought for his wife as a gift.

Congratulations to my sugar berry my brother can your wife ever huh 🤔 more to come 3rd and still counting”, he captioned the photos.

However, shortly after, he announced that 30 minutes after his post showing off the new car, it caught fire while they were on their way from a fuel station.

He shared photos and videos of the burning car and gave thanks to God for preserving their lives.

Narrating the bizarre incident, he wrote,

30 minutes after I posted my wife new car on our way out from a fuel station the same car got totally burnt na wa for this enemies sha o they couldn’t even wait for it to be 24hrs but thank God for life it’s well.”

Watch videos below