Cameraman Abandons His Job at Event, Rocks and Dances Hard with 2 Ladies in a viral video (Watch)

A video of a cameraman dancing hard with female guests at an event he was meant to cover has given netizens laughs.

In the hilarious video shared by @xcobacollections on TikTok, the cameraman was seen with a camera in hand while guests were having a nice time on the dance floor.

He suddenly abandoned his job and stealthily danced behind a lady. After some time, he began rocking the lady as they both danced hard like people familiar with each other.

The duo continued dancing and became a trio as another lady out of the blues joined the man from the back – this made him sandwiched between both ladies.

The trio stole the show on the dance floor.

Watch the video below:

@xcobacollections Waley the cameraman #😂😂😂😂😂 ♬ original sound – Xcoba

Netizens react

Daniel Alves Junior said:

“This cameraman don’t need to be paid he has gotten his pay dada.”

eric asomani said:

“Abeg thus man has taking his picture fee already no need for payment again.”

user2160329917599 said:

“Why are the friends of the lady pushing the camera man away…mmtteewww.”

Kofi Omane Ntori said:

“This cameraman doesn’t need to b paid, aaaah instead of capturing memorable events he is rather creating them.”