Boy Gives His Mother The Prank Of Her Lifetime Pretending To Be Hanging In Rib-Cracking Video (Watch)

A gentleman with his name not disclosed to the published has frightened his mother in an unusual prank In the video, the boy appeared to have been suspended in the air which brought out all of his mother’s nerves

After she had had enough of it, he undid his ‘magic’ to reveal how he had tricked the mother so hilariously.

A gentleman whose name has not been identified has given the mother what is clearly a prank of her lifetime after pretending acting like he was suspending in the air.

Although it is not clear when exactly the video was taken, it has undoubtedly added to the Mothers’ Day sensation.

The prank was such a vivid one as it totally seemed without a doubt as though the boy was actually hanging in mid-air over the bed.

The frightened mother did not know what to do next as she went around her son, trying to understand what exactly was going on.

The young man waited until his mother had had enough of the fear before revealing what he had done to himself to trick his beloved mother.

Upon realizing that there was nothing mystical going on, the boy’s mother tried to hit him for playing with her mind in such a manner but even that was not successful.

Below were some of the most rib-cracking comments shared by Ghanaians after they watched the hilarious video.

komenofamousekpolo said: Prank will not kill somebody one day tk.asamoah mentioned: @julietdankwa71 pls talk to tour brother shaikhmusah indicated: Come look something oo @tundeeddnut

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