Bolt driver goes home with N70k wig of female passenger who couldn’t pay (Watch)

A South African man has shared his experience with two female passengers who wanted to scam their way into getting a free ride.

The man known on Twitter as @Phislash, revealed that he took the wig of one of the ladies after finding out that they had no intention of paying for the ride.

The ladies made him believe that someone ordered the ride for them to attend a party, so he picked them up at night and had taken them to their destination, only for them to reach there and say they would need to reach the man who booked the ride so that he can come and pay.

One of the ladies went out and didn’t return for over 10 minutes which was when the Bolt driver started becoming suspicious. After probing the other lady in the car without any headway, he got the police involved.

Luckily for him, a police vehicle was passing them at the time so he stopped them and explained the situation.

The police officers invited the girl over and questioned her, that was when she revealed that she has no money and she doesn’t really know the other girl.

After a series of back and forth, the officers asked her what she can offer to cover the payment, she said nothing. But the man decided to ask for her wig, she initially refused, saying she could not give her wig which costs R2,500 (N70k) wig away just like that.

@Phislash was eventually given the wig when the police threatened to put the lady in a cell for the weekend.

Sharing his story on Twitter, the cabman wrote; ”Lord your female scammers request us (Bolt).

I drove all the way to Kempton Park from Pretoria delivering a pair of broke girls that think they can scam their way out of paying me.

Ended up taking their wig.”

He also uploaded an audio thread of him narrating what transpired. Listen below;