Bobrisky Shows Off His New Mansion, Announces Date For House Opening

Bobrisky, who is well-known in Nigeria as a crossdresser, has never failed to amaze his fans.

In a new Instagram post, Bobrisky revealed in a new Instagram post that he has just purchased a new mansion worth over 400 million naira for himself, and that a housewarming celebration will be held shortly.

The party for the new house opening has been set for January 29th, according to Bobrisky.

Bobrisky, a well-known Nigerian crossdresser, is known for his flamboyant displays of money and elaborate parties. He is the proud owner of a variety of cars and has just acquired a new mansion for himself.

Bobrisky had a lavish housewarming party in 2017 to celebrate his new home with her pals. He said that the price of all decorations and furnishings for his new house in Chevron, Lekki is N12 million, and she took to his Snapchat to show off the different portions of his residence.

Watch the video below :