Bisi Alimi says it is an “act of violence” to misgender Bobrisky

Nigerian gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi has said it is an “act of violence” to misgender Bobrisky.

Bisi and Bobrisky are not exactly fans of each other. They have been known to drag each other on multiple occasions. However, Bisi rose to Bobrisky’s defence after some Nigerians mocked him for wearing male clothes to his father’s birthday.

Reacting to the photos Bobrisky took at the birthday party, a number Nigerian web users said he can pretend to be a woman but he’ll always be a man.

Defending Bob, gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi wrote on Facebook:

Dear Nigeria LGB friends,

Lets talk about Bobrisky and the unintended consequences of misgendering them in our anger.

As many of you will know, I am not their number 1 fan, but I respect them.

I feel there is no template to be a role model and there is posterity that will judge all of us.

However, using a gender pronoun they have come out to say they dont use for themself is an act of violence.

Nigeria is still one of the most dangerous place to be a Trans person and while we may not like the narrative they are showing to Nigerians, there is little we can do about that.

However, one thing firmly in our control is to recognise their gender and call them that.

If in your anger, you misgender them, then you are worse than them and you are nothing but a Transphobe and I know that many of you dont mean to go that path.

So, in our anger, let us recognise our solidarity for the Trans community in Nigeria.

Thank you.