Bereaved lady mourns her late husband who died six months after their wedding

A Nigerian lady is in mourning state as she became widowed in just six months after getting married. The lady identified as Rejoice Amaka Chukwu, took to her Facebook page to pay tribute to her late husband.

The bereaved lady in her tribute, thanked her late husband for being the great man he was and all the kind and caring things he did for her while he was alive.

Sharing photos of herself with her late husband, Rejoice made a post on her husband’s posthumous birthday, writing,

My love,my crown ,forever OBIM,today was meant to b ur bday,we hv all planned out ds day ,I v a lot of plans for u o but death took ur physical self away from us. Sweetie ,I miss u a whole lot,u r a complete man,u take decisions and stand solidly by ur words,u protected me from both external and internal forces , u ensured I was happy,u were all dt a husband should be and more,I v no regret having u in my life and ur impact lives with me forever.

I know u sees and watches over me from heaven,I am saying thank u for loving me so true till death,thank u for marrying me, thank u for ur gifts, thank u for providing for me even till after death,thank u for giving me ur best and most cherished treasure, thank u for teaching me this other part of life,it v only built my strength. All ur efforts to be d best husband, father and son are all acknowledged by me,I saw it all so I don’t care wat anyone says about u now dt u r gone. All ur sacrifices are speaking now for me and it’s reassuring dt I married a good man,no earthly treasures equals u and wat u left with me. There’s no true loss coz d people and tins that r meant to be with me are all wt me.

Rest on ezi dim,ur baby misses ur all night cuddles,I miss ur fatherly care and rides,I miss ur all-round presence but all glory to God coz He knows d best. Enjoy ur heavenly apartment daddy Rejoice.

See photos below.