Beautiful Lady Dances Inside Room Without Cement Wall Plaster, Shows No Shame, Video Stirs Reactions

A young lady with the TikTok handle @alicia.386 has shown that she is proud of her room irrespective of how it may look to others.

The wall of her room is without a cement plaster. One can easily see how the blocks were structured to build the house.


Without any iota of shame in a video, the lady rocked her waist to XAM’s Gouatanamo popular song. In the background was a person scrolling through a phone.

Many people said they loved the way she is contented with her life without being fake on social media.

Watch the video below:



mallywire sad: “I like her because she’s not faking it you’re blessed dear.”

ekowZEUS said: “I like the fact that your environment does not discourage will be great.”

Israelhans said: “It her beauty and confidence for me, not everyone will have that courage to do a TikTok in such a house…you are real dear.”

mrlavish7 said: “Ahah, see where she Dey live and she is a beautiful girl.”

Nabill Abdullah said: “You ain’t faking I really love that.”

Qwèķú Śwâğer said: “nice room we being there before ,peace Dey there rough.”