“I’ve been so uninterested in life lately” – Angel Smith pens cryptic note

Popular reality star, Angel Smith cries out over disinterest in basic activitivities that used to keep her company and bring her fun.

This comes after the 21-year-old writer opened up about having a respiratory infection, a condition which made her apologise in advance to her fans and brands against inconsistency in her usual activities.

Taking to Twitter to express the uninterested feeling known as anhedonia, Angel blamed in on her current health state.

Been so uninterested in life lately. Not interested in romance ( even though men have always been boring to me), not writing anymore, not texting friends, just in bed tired and overwhelmed. No social/love life. Hopefully I get out of the loop. I’ll blame it on the illness,” she wrote.

Fans and well wishers, however, encouraged the brand influnecer to shake off the feeling and ensure to get the proper medical attention she requires to get better.