Banky W Reveals Funny Story About His Dangerous Dance With Adesua (Video)

After weeks of teasing his new single and video, Jo, Nigerian singer Banky W finally released the song along with the music video and well, let’s just say, fans of both Banky and his wife, Adesua Etomi will not be disappointed by the music video.

The music video sees the couple bursting out some salsa moves and doing what some people have called ‘dangerous’ choreography. If you haven’t yet seen the music video, here it is.

Speaking to The Beat 99.9FM about the song and video, Banky opened up about his inspiration for the song, the video, and also shared some funny and interesting stories from the behind the scenes. Here’s what Banky said about the music video.

I think for me, when you’re doing all those spins and tossing her in the air, I had to get over the fear of dropping her. I mean she did the harder work cuz she had to flip in the air but I gotta catch you, you know. So in the first few weeks, I’d throw her up and I’ll be trying to bring her down from the sky because I’m like nothing can happen o, this is the mother of my child. We’re not gonna have no accidents on this set. So just mentally breaking through that fear of nothing can happen to her. So they used to laugh at me that I care too much but we did it and I’m so proud of the work we did. I might have had kinda one or two moments where it was a little dodgy but you know, my God is bigger than any accidents so all is well that ends well and we’re all good.

Alas, it all paid off and both of them made a very interesting music video. What do you think about Banky’s new song and music video? Let me know by leaving a comment on my Facebook post.