Anambra State DPC Governorship candidate Yule Edochie Shares Campaign Photos (Check Out Photos)

Anambra state DPC Governorship candidate “Yule Edochie” shares today’s campaign photos today via his instagram page… 
He wrotes;
Yes we can and we will. God is with us. 
The revolution has started.
Join us. Leadership is about fixing the issues of the masses, anything short of it is a failed government.
Our Government will put the people first.
Yes, a young person can also be president. It starts here.
Join us. Support us.
rhoda_bostonGod is with you
setianosOh yes God with u
oluwa_steezieUncle,whybare there always few numbers of people behind you?…….I love you and I want you to win….. Please put in everything.
chantel_vic2Good luck
priscillaohemGo for it!!!My prayer for u is VICTORY!
emmaanedocongrats bro
realucheebereGod is with us Onyem @yuledochie anyi a gabagoooooo, keep soaring higher, God gat your back
gooddy6043You can only win or win….. Victory is yours @yuledochie.
mandela_jr_suits_storeGod bless you
donemondayaigboMy governor
ayam_bheeeIga ada kwa
See more photos below