Akuapem Poloo: Son Doesn’t Know His Mum Is In Prison – Lawyer

Lawyer to Ghanaian actress, Akuapem Poloo, Andrew Kudzo Vortia, has revealed that her seven-year-old son has no idea his mother has been sent to prison.

The lawyer revealed that he has informed the boy that his mother is playing a role in a movie and all what is happening currently is part of the movie she is acting.

Speaking on Joy Prime on the Prime Morning show, Lawyer Andrew Vortia said; “I have told him mummy is going to do some acting work. I have created an impression that what is happening is part of the role that she is playing. So the son thinks the mother is acting.”

He also revealed that he has offered to take good care of the boy while her mother is in prison for the next 90 days.

He revealed that he has an outside house where five orphans are currently being hosted there playing in the compound and to him, the boy will be comfortable over there. He also said that he is trying to shield the boy’s mind from whatever is going on from the boy.

“I took him to my outside residence. I have a house that hosts about five orphans so they are playing around my compound,” Mr. Vortia added.

However, Mr. Andrew Vortia has filed an appeal for the actress’s jail sentence by the Accra Circuit court. She was sentenced after pleading guilty to the charges leveled against her.