Actress, Rita Daniels laments as she tearfully sings melancholic song over Corona virus (Video)

We wish we understood what Madame Rita Daniels was singing in her song in this new video of hers that’s emerged on the internet but after mentioning ‘Corona virus’ a few times, we don’t think it’s rocket science to know that she’s lamenting over the dreaded disease.

Mother of Nigerian actress, Regina Daniels, Rita Daniels has become a trending topic on social media after a video of her singing with tears and a running nose was shared online.

With the occasional “Corona virus” mentioned in her melancholic song and taking a cue from her caption, Rita apparently is desolate and aggrieved with how the novel Corona Virus has been traumatizing the world over the past few months.

With tears running down her eyes and a running nose to show heartfelt emotions, Rita has Nigerians having mixed feelings over her video showing concern for the global pandemic.

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Many feels she’s only chasing clout and being the actress that she is, channeling such emotions might not be hard for her as it’s her usual wont while others feel that she’s indeed worried with the current situation of the world.

She shared the video with the caption,






Exodus 15:11 KJV

“Who is like unto thee, O Lord, among the gods? who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?” If only men will place GOD where HE truly belongs.. 🙏🏽

None LORD; there’s none like YOU.

We humbly and wholly concede that our failure to acknowledge YOU for WHO YOU ARE has brought upon us that which we have found ourselves;

But now we realize our folly.

Please, forgive us,

Have mercy upon us

Protect us from every evil,

Shower YOUR Goodness and love upon us again.


Glorify YOUR name and

Wrought YOUR wonders in our world heal our nations;

And we shall return praises to YOU,



Well, we can’t say for sure how Rita is feeling, but we know her daughter, Regina is feeling cute and hoping that her followers are ‘staying at home’. A quick check on her IG page shows her sharing a video of a cute guy on her story and not more than 48 hours ago, her serving her fans photos of herself as she advocates for the “stay at home” movement.

Regardless, Madame Rita, please stay safe and cry less… we’re sure not many Nigerians want to see such a face at a time like this that everyone is being hopeful and optimistic.