2023: Actor, Okon Lagos reveals he will sell his votes at the ‘right price’ (video)

Popular Nollywood actor, Imeh Bishop Umoh otherwise known as Okon Lagos, has said he will sell his vote to any politician willing to pay the ‘right price’.

He made this declaration in a video shared on his Instagram page while speaking on the 2023 general elections and the vote-buying antics of some politicians.

According to Okon, such politicians pay citizens to vote for them once in four years and it’s only fair for him to collect enough money to sustain him until the next election season.

The 40-year-old comic actor said he would willingly sell his vote at $1000/day, and went on to calculate the total amount he would collect for four years.

He said there are 365 days in one year and when multiplied by four years, it gives 1,460 days. He then multiplied 1,460 days by his said price/day and it amounts to $1,460,000.

The actor said he would offer the politician an exchange rate of N500 to a dollar and when the total amount is converted to naira, his selling price becomes N730 million.

According to him, that should be enough to fend for himself and his family till the next election season when politicians will start canvassing for votes again.

Watch him speak below..