20-year-old South African woman gives birth to baby with rare genetic condition, progeria

A 20-year-old woman from Libode, Eastern Cape, has given birth to a baby with a rare genetic condition, progeria in South Africa.

Progeria is a progressive genetic disorder that causes children to age rapidly and is said to be caused by a mutation (change) in the lamin (LMNA) gene.

When the baby was delivered at home two months ago, local mid-wives and her grandmother noticed that she exhibited signs that were different from most babies. Her hands are deformed and her skin, wrinkled.

Speaking on her birth in a chat with newsmen, the baby’s grandmother said,


“When she was in labour we called an ambulance but it took long to come. So she gave birth here at home. But the delivery got complicated and we hired a van to take her to hospital.

“We were told there that she’s disabled. I noticed during her birth that there was something strange with her. She did not cry and she was breathing through the ribs. I was shocked because that was strange. Now I hear that people are calling her names. That hurts a lot. If I had means, I would put all of them in jail”.

The baby and her mum are still in the hospital, however, photos of the little baby is serving rounds online with some social media users making unflattering comments about her looks.